10 Mil Skived PTFE Pressure Sensitive Film Tape

Model # 924

Manufactured from skived PTFE film coated with high-temperature acrylic adhesive. One side has an acrylic PSA and the other side offers low coefficient of friction PTFE film, which is thin and conformable. PTFE backing offers excellent high temperature resistance and is chemically inert. The tape construction is stable and non-toxic. (Gray Color). Excellent release surface on packaging equipment and heat sealing machines and roll coverings on plastic extruders, guide rails, and angle bars in the graphic arts industry. Also available in 2 mil thick (#920), 3 mil thick (#921), and 5 mil thick (#922).

Mil Thickness
• 10 mils
• 54.86 oz/in
• Film-PTFE
• 450%

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