2.5 mil Co-Extruded Polyethylene Protective Tape

Model # 25A10

3M 25A10 is a 2.5 mil co-extruded protective tape featuring a polyethylene backing with a low-tack acrylic adhesive that offers enhanced abrasion resistance. 25A10 tape offers excellent abrasion resistance to help protect many polished steels, aluminum sheets, coils, gloss finish plastic laminate tops, gloss finish painted metals and glass from surface damage, such as scratching and abrading. The enhanced elongation properties of the film allow the tape to be left on during many forming operations, where damage may occur. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct UV sunlight exposure, which may affect the performance of the tapes. The abrasion resistance testing was conducted using ASTM testing method D4060 and a taber abrader empolying a CS-10 wheel and 100 grams of auxiliary weights.

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