2 Mil Extruded, Oriented High Modulus PSA Film Tape

Model # 942

Manufactured from extruded, oriented, high modulus PTFE film coated with high-temperature pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive (Rust Color). The high-temperature resistance and anti-stick properties of PTFE make it an ideal produce to be used as a release surface. Extremely durable and abrasion resistant, they will not curl or wrinkle making it long-wearing and easy to apply. It will not leave an adhesive residue when removed, resulting in less equipment down time. Applications include protecting extrusion and laminating equipment during the plastic extrusion coating process which combines plastic films with various substrates (most commonly paper) and roller wrapping tape to protect the exposed ends of the neoprene roller from the molten plastic which is over-coated wider than the substrate. Also available in 5 mil thick (#943).

Mil Thickness
• 2 mils
• 30.18 oz/in
• Film-PTFE
• 175%

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