2 Mil Polyimide Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape

Model # 903

Manufactured from polyimide film with high-temperature silicone adhesive. Has excellent mechanical and electrical properties as well as high conformability. Offers outstanding resistance to cut through and are impact and abrasion resistant. Also offer excellent dielectric strength, while the burning of the adhesive forms a non-conductive ash. (Amber Color). Constructed to fill the requirements of a high performance thermoplastic polyimide backing materials. Designed to fill the various needs of electrical insulation requirements. Chosen for gold finger protection during wave solder applications.

Meets the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Guide OANZ2 and File E51201 and File E66639 specifications respectively with a 180C temperature rating and complies with UL510 for a flame retardant. Polyimide backing meets MIL-P-46112B.

Mil Thickness
• 2 mils
• 24.69 oz/in
• Film-Polyimide
• 75%

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