5.9mil Double Coated Tissue Tape

Model # DCTISSUE 3670

DCTISSUE 3670 is a 5.9mil(0.15mm) double coated tissue tape consisting of a 0.5mil non-woven tissue coated on both sides with an aggressive, modified solvent free water-based acrylic adhesive wound on a 50# siliconized glassine release liner. This tape provides a strong durable bond with good dynamic and static shear strength on most surfaces. It offers excellent adhesion to non-polar PE films and foams which are difficult surfaces to splice or laminate. DCTISSUE 3670 is very resistant to humidity and weather when bonded. It features very good temperature, UV, and aging resistance, and moderate resistance against solvents. DCTISSUE 3670 provides superior conformability to irregular surfaces due to its heavy adhesive coat weight. It is designed for heavy-duty splicing and permanent holding with excellent performance on both smooth and rough surfaces. Used for core start-ups, splicing of heavy webs (wallpaper), and general holding, joining, attaching, and mounting.

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