5 Mil High Modulus PTFE Pressure Sensitive Film Tape

Model # 941

Manufactured from modified high-modulus PTFE film coated with high-temperature silicone adhesive (Gray Color). Most outstanding properties are its high dielectric and tensile strength which make it an extremely durable insulation tape. The high-temperature properties of the PTFE and silicone adhesive allw it to perform in continuous temperatures up to 260°C. Exhibits low elongation which enables it to be applied with automatic wrapping equipment. Features chemical inertness as well as low friction, anti-stick, and non-toxic properties. Applications include high-temperature insulation product, phase insulation for bundling end turns, spot bundling, and anchoring breakouts, and to protect airframe wire harnesses in aerospace industry. Also available in 2 mil thick (#940).

Meets MIL-I-23594C U.S. Government specifications

Mil Thickness
• 5 mils
• 40.23 oz/in
• Film-PTFE
• 200%

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