63 Mesh Contractors Grade Duct Tape

Model # DUCTCLO 3710

DUCTCLO 3710 is an 11.8 mil, 63 mesh high tensile polyethylene-coated cloth with a natural rubber with synthetic resin adhesive. It is a superior performance duct tape specifically designed for the high demand of contractor applications. This product has excellent shear values to surface and backing. It has good conformability and excellent resistance to tear. DUCTCLO 3710 is used in the HVAC industry to provide an excellent seal for thermal insulation and air conditioning ducts, and is used as a moisture barrier for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is also used in asbestos abatement applications, as a quality waterproof packaging tape for export shipments, and for splicing, vinyl repair, protecting, and bundling.

• 31.00 lbs/in

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