About Carolina Tape & Supply

Clockwise from top…Mark Dagenhardt (Sales Associate), Shawn Dagenhardt (Chief Operations Manager), Dennis Dagenhardt (President), Jan Dagenhardt (Accounts Receivable), James Dagenhardt (Operations Manager).

For over 40 years, Carolina Tape and Supply has been a distributor and custom converter of all types of pressure sensitive tape products as well as a distributor of furniture manufacturing supplies and packaging products. We presently serve over 5000 customers in a diversity of industries across the United States and around the world.

Carolina Tape and Supply has the experience you need to help satisfy your needs.Dennis Dagenhardt, president, and the owner has a degree in chemistry and before forming his own company worked in a lab at an adhesive tape manufacturing company. Since opening his company in 1969, Dennis Dagenhardt has become experienced and knowledgeable in all facts of converting adhesive tape products.

Pricing: We do not publish a price list. All prices are quoted to each customer based on a variety of circumstances, including, quantity purchased on a given item, overall customer ordering patterns, customer status (user or redistribution), customer payment terms, and specific item characteristics

Product/Pricing Inquiries:  Customers may either e-mail, phone, or fax in our product inquiry sheet. Our in-house customer service staff will be happy to assist you. Click here if you would like to receive a quote, Or select a product from the left-hand side and click on Request a Quote.

Availability of Other Products: Carolina Tape and Supply Corporation supplies a number of products not listed in the catalog under each category of tapes. Our selection from over 25 tape manufacturers and over 300 tapes exceeds what can be covered in our catalog, but do not hesitate to call about any tape inquiry.