Acrylic Carton Sealing Tape

Model # 271

271 is a 1.9 mil, tough, impact resistant BOPP film, with emulsion acrylic adhesive system, #271 has been designed as an economically priced, production grade carton sealing tape. The adhesive system provides reliable all temperature performance in freezer cold or summer heat, with superior quick stick and fiber tear, excellent resistance to aging, weathering, U.V. light and yellowing. Available in both machine and hand length rolls. Freight Classification Rule 222 and complies with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, CFR Title 21, Subpart B, Par. 175.105, which covers the use of pressure-sensitive adhesives and tapes for ‘indirect contact’ food packaging, such as box sealing.

• 28.00 lbs/in

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