All Purpose Masking Tape

Model # 519

519 is a 6 mil, conformable / flexible, high quality semi-bleached crepe paper, coated with natural / synthetic rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive capable of withstanding bake temperature up to 180°F (82°C) for up to one hour and/or exposure to ultra-violet I (UV) light for up to (5) hours. #519 offers consistent conformability and tensile strength for general purpose bundling, protecting, and various industrial applications. Product can be qualified to meet Federal Specifications PPP-T-42C, Type I and UU-T-106, Type I as well as C.I.D. A-A-883, Type I. Other applications are interior paint masking, spray painting (air-dry) autos, boats, etc., boat manufacturing (fibreglass), silk screening, mail rooms, marble manufacturing (man-made), golf club shaft (build-up), carpet pad / pad splicing, freezer tape, and for light bundling, packaging, splicing & tabbing.

• 23.00 lbs/in

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