Bag Conveying Tape

Model # 8630

8630 is a 6.0 mil. high performance bag conveying tape with polypropylene film backing and pressure-sensitive sythetic rubber resin adhesive primarily used for conveying food preservation bags. 8630 is reinforced with continuous polypropylene mono filaments and is designed to convey food bags through the bag manufacturer’s forming and packaging processes. Once the bags arrive at a food processing plant, the bag conveying tape’s tough polypropylene backing facilitates conveying and loading the bags into bag-dispensing equipment. The tape’s pressure-sensitive adhesive is specifically formulated to provide a balance of good initial adhesion to a wide variety of plastic films, and consistent release characteristics from these films under a wide range of storage and processing conditions. Store behind present stock in a clean and dry place. Recommended temperature of storage is 40°F to 80°F and 40% – 50% relative humidity. Stock should be rotated regulary.

• 160.00 lbs/in

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