Damping Foil

Model # 2552

This product consists of a room temperature pressure-sensitive viscoelastic polymer on a dead soft aluminum foil, designed for applications to vibrating panels and support members. The combination of viscoelastic polymer and an aluminum foil backing (a constrained layer damper, or CLD) has proved to be a unique construction with exceptional ability to control resonant vibrations in the temperature range of 32°F to 140°F, with survivability from -25°F to 175°F. High energy dissipative polymer used in 3M Damping Foil 2552 can afford excellent control of resonance induced vibrations. When applied to a vibrating structure, the polymer used in 3M Damping Foil 2552 converts vibration to negligible heat. Vibration amplitudes and structure born noise can be consequentially reduced. The performance of most damping devices is highly dependent on the interaction between the device and the system to which it is applied. A constrained layer control system is no different than a typical damping device and its ability to provide the desired performance is effected by parameters other than temperature and frequency. Namely the geometry, stiffness and the structure to which the control system is applied will effect the performance. The loss factor of a material is a dynamic property that can define damping performance.

• 80.00 lbs/in

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