Double-Coated High Density Polyurethane Foam Tape

Model # 338

Double-coated, high-density, 1/16” thick, gray polyurethane foam tape with a high performance adhesive. Ideal for a wide variety of transportation bonding and joining application. Coated on two sides with an acrylic adhesive and bond strength of the adhesive builds slowly which allows the installer to reposition parts (repositioning of parts depends on time, temperature, and pressure). Designed to provide good low temperature flexibility, superior adhesion to stainless steel; painted steel; and acrylics, and excellent resistance to weather. It is also available in 1/32” (#337) and 3/64” (#339). Used for automotive cushioning, sound absorption, gasketing, and sealing.

Mil Thickness
• 60 mils
• 224 oz/in
• Double-Coated, High Density, Polyurethane
• 275%

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