Double-coated, medium density, UV resistant, closed cell PVC foam

Model # 352

Double-coated, 1/8” thick, medium density, closed cell PVC foam tape with a rubber adhesive. It offers UV resistance and sound dampening properties. The foam density permits clean die-cuts and faster penetration. Applications include sound dampening, gasketing, shock absorption cushion. Standard two-sided adhesive glazing tape. Displaces wet sealant and butyls. Excellent Strength and wear resistance. Also available in 1/32” thick (#350), 1/16” thick (#351), 1/8” thick FR (#353), and 1/4” thick (#354).

Approved to AAMA 810.1 expanded cellular glazing tapes

Mil Thickness
• 125 mils
• Double-Coated, Medium Density, UV Resistant, Closed Cell PVC Foam
• 160%

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