Double Coated Mounting Foam Tape

Model # 62934

tesa 62934 is a highly conformable polyethylene (PE) foam tape with acrylic adhesive for permanent bonding applications. tesa 62934 offers a reliable adhesive performance for demanding mounting applications even when there is a design gap between the components. The benefits for various industrial applications are: high ultimate bonding strength that gives reliable bonding performance, conformable foam backing levels out tolerances & uneven surfaces, UV, water and aging resistant, bond material types with different thermal elongation, high immediate bonding strength even at low bonding pressure, good shock absorption gives safety during transport and in daily use, Typical application examples are: decorative aluminium covers and frames on brown goods, doorhandles in kitchen furniture, moulded decorative profiles for refrigerators or freezers, glass panels and furniture mirrors.

• 4.50 lbs/in

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