Double Coated Paper Tape

Model # 410B

A 5.0 mil. double coated rubber tape with 850 paper adhesive ideal for bonding a wide variety of similar and dissimilar materials such as rubbers, metals, woods, glass, papers, paints and many plastics. This tape has also been recognized by the Technical Association for Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) for many years. Paper mills continue to utilize these tapes for testing the internal strength (Z-Directional Tensile Test) of thier papers. Product 410 is not recommended for direct exposure to sunlight or other sources of ultra violet light. 850 is a medium firm rubber adhesive system that offers an excellent balance and good holding power to a wide variety of materials. The paper carrier has been specially treated to improve its strength and clean removalbility characteristics from high internal strenth surfaces. Tape 410 meets the U.S. government spec. A-A-180C, Type 2, Class 1 and 2.

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