Double-Coated 0.5 Mil Polyester Film Tape

Model # 333

Double-coated 0.5 mil polyester film that exhibits all the positive results associated with a high quality general purpose acrylic system. It has excellent resistance to oils, plasticizers, and ultraviolet light and withstands higher temperatures than rubber-based adhesive systems. Product exhibits resistance to some plasticizers and adhesion is excellent to a very wide variety of substrates. Features excellent peel and shear; bonds well to most papers (splicing); excellent tack; die cuts cleanly; bonds well to most surfaces. Used for bonding of plastic materials for signs and posters, nameplates and general purpose bonding, and low outgassing product.

Mil Thickness
• 3.1 mils
• 60 oz/in
• Double-Coated Polyester Film

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