Double Coated Polyethylene Foam Tape

Model # 4466

A 62.0 mil. double coated polyethylene foam tape with 745 rubber adhesive ideal for joining, mounting, gasketing and sealing applications involving irregular surfaces. 4466B tape combines a conformable closed cell foam with a rubber adhesive that provides high initial adhesion to a variety of surfaces including polyethylene and polypropylene. 745 is a rubber, pressure-sensitive adhesive that provides excellent initial tack and adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, including many low surface energy plastics. Solvent splash testing cycle = 20 seconds submersion and 20 seconds air dry through 3cycles. Bond strength is dependent upon the amount of adhesive-to-surface contact developed. Firm application pressure helps develop better adhesive contact and improved bond strength. To obtain optimum adhesion, the bonding surfaces must be clean, dry and well unified. Typical surface cleaning solvents are isopropyl alcohol and water (rubber alcohol) or water. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s precautions and directions for use when using cleaning solvents. Initial tape application to surfaces below 50°F is not recommended because the adhesive becomes too firm to adhere readily. However, once properly applied, low temperature holding is generally satisfactory. See 3M data sheet for Dispenser Suggestions.

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