Double Coated Tape with 420 Adhesive

Model # 9799

A 9.0 mil. tape featuring 420 acryilc adhesive coated on both sides with a polyester backing used for nameplates, appliques, sound and thermal damping and gasket attachment. The polyester backing adds dimensional stability to foams and other substrates, along with ease of die cutting and laminating. 420 adhesive provides an excellent adhesion to many plastics along with providing good temperature and chemical resistance while withstanding tough application environments. To apply strips of adhesive use 3M’s dispenser selection, for example: manual dispensers- C25, H10, H128, M712, M742, M744, P52 and P56/ definite length dispensers- M82, M87, M96, M910 and M920/ or semi automatic dispensers- S625 with attachment, T646 and T653.

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