Double-Coated Transparent Polyester Film Tape

Model # 322

Double-coated, transparent polyester film with a pink polypropylene release liner. The acrylic adhesive offers reliable bonding, even to low surface energy substrates and very high bonding strength immediately after assembly. Applicable for most demanding applications including heavy stress, high temperatures, or critical substrates. Applications include mounting of plastic, metal, or wood; mounting ABS plastic parts in car industry; self-adhesive mounting of rubber/EPDM profiles; and mounting battery packs, lenses, and touch-screens in electronic devices. Recognized according to UL standard 969. UL file: MH 18055.

Mil Thickness
• 8.1 mils
• 105.1 oz/in
• Double-Coated, Transparent, Polyester Film
• 50%

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