Easy Cover Car

Model # 4378

tesa® 4378 Easy Cover Car is a 6.7 mil convenient “3 in 1” solution for the masking of large areas for car body repair. The convenient system includes: 1. Masking tape tesa® 4309 2. Masking paper border 3. HDPE masking film The main advantage is the combination of the advantages of the single components. a) tesa® 4309 is a finely creped, extremely stretchable and flexible paper masking tape. It is suitable for water and solvent based paints and can be used for paint spraying with subsequent oven/ or IR-drying up to a temperature of 120 °C. b) The additional paper edge provides perfect paint absorption on the most critical area close to the repair. c) The HDPE film serves for the protection against spray particles. It is specifically treated for better paint adherence. Due to the high static the film clings to the car body. Easy Cover Auto allows a single person to cover large areas easily and quickly. For storing, transporting and disposing off tesa® Easy Cover Auto is very space saving.

• 26.80 lbs/in

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