Electroplating Tape

Model # 470

A 7.1 mil. conformable and abrasion resistant vinyl tape. 3M’s 370 tape has excellent resistance to most chemicals used in typical electroplating processes. This tape also can be qualified to meet the government spec. HH-T-0025 (GSA-FSS). Prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures (above 170°F) and hot caustics may cause weakening of the adhesive bond. While 470 tape resists most common solvents, care should be taken to avoid ketones, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and esters, found in lacquer thinners, degreasers, paint strippers, etc., which may cause the backing to swell or curl. To obtain best performance of tape, use within 12 months from date of manufacture and store under normal conditions of 60°F to 80°F and 40% to 60% relative humidity in the original carton.

• 20.00 lbs/in

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