General Purpose Flatback Paper Tape

Model # 201

A quick, sure sealing, economical, pressure-sensitive flatback tape which can increase packaging line efficiency. 201 offers a positive attractive seal and excellent adhesion to discourage pilfering. Performs well under a wide range of temperatures through a wide range of humidity conditions. Offers the advantages of a balance of high quick stick and excellent holding properties. Performs well as a low temperature splicing tape and meets USPS requirements. Carton sealing tape for medium duty packaging, moving and storage. Meets Specs: PPP-T-42C, Type II; ASTM D6123, Type II; C.I.D A-A-883B, Type II; Boeing BAC 5317.

Mil Thickness
• 6 mils
• 57 oz/in
• Flatback Paper Backing
• 3%

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