General Purpose PTFE Glass Cloth Tape

Model # 5153

5153 is a 6.8 mil. easy unwind glass cloth tape impregnated with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and coated with a silicone adhesive which provides high temperature resistance and a very strong, abrasion-resistant backing. Very low moisture absorption allows the tapes to perform in many humid environments. 5153 tape provides tensile strength and resistance to tear and puncture than typical PTFE film backed tapes. CAUTION: when PTFE film tape is exposed to temperatures above 400°F, small quantities of hazardous vapors may be released. Inhalation of these vapors may be harmful or may cause respiratory tract irritation. Do not heat or expose PTFE film tape to temperatures above 400°F. To obtain best performance, use these products within 12 months from date of manufacture and store under normal conditions of 60°F to 80°F and 40% to 50% relative humidity in the original carton.

• 150.00 lbs/in

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