High Modulous PTFE Film

Model # 2253-2

2253-2 is a 3.5 mil, high modulous PTFE tape with acrylic adhesive. The film has been subjected to a special process that lowers its elongation and increases its breaking strength for easier handling. The excellent conformability and release properties of the PTFE backing, along with the high temperature capability of the adhesive, make it the ideal for applications such as composite lay-up, roller wrapping, plate masking, heat sealing and other uses where costly clean up is a problem. The aerospace industry can also use it in phase insulation for bundling end truns, spot bundling, anchor breakouts and to protect airframe wire harnessing. 2253-2’s most outstanding properties are its high dielelctric and tensile strength, which make it an extremely durabel insulation tape. The high temperature properties of the PTFE and acrylic adhesive allow it to perform in continuos temperatures up to 350°F. Ahigh modulus tape it also exhibits low elongation which enables it to be applied with automatic wrapping equipment. The other outstanding features are chemical inertness as well as low friction, anti-stick, non-toxic properties and clean release; making it the right material for numerous applications.

• 30.00 lbs/in

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