High Temperature Anti-Static Masking

Model # 42

A 2.2 mil. anti-static masking tape used to mask, hold or protect sensitive electronic components. 42 tape represents a breakthrough in PSA tape technology. This product may be used at static safeguarded workstations as part of your total static control program. When 42 tape is used in high temperature applications, it should be removed by pulling back over itself 180°. The substrate should also be allowed to cool to room temperature. This tape neutralizes triboelectrically generated charges at the instant of separation of surfaces. It also generates very low levels of static charge, even in dry conditions of 10% R.H. 42 tape is opaque with gold tint for easy indentification and differentiation for standard high temperature tapes. Plastic anit-static cores are available to minimize particulate contamination in clean work areas.

• 28.00 lbs/in

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