Masking Film

Model # 7300

7300 is a 2mil, polypropylene film, primarily used for OEM tutone, blackout, and repair painting of autos, trucks and fascia. It is a high performance, high temperature gross masking film that is soft flexing for good drape and conformability. Can be used from a dispenser in conjunction with masking tapes. It is ideal for protecting against bleed-through of solvents and paints and offers better protection than masking paper. It will withstand bake cycles up to 310°F for 1 hour. Special soft film offers good conformability and is easy to handle. Using this masking film reduces contamination normally associated with fibrous paper products. Most paints have excellent adhesion to 7300 Series masking film. 3M masking tapes have excellent adhesion to 7300 Series masking film. Tape and film can be dispensed together using existing apron tapers. Special cutting bars are available to facilitate easier cutting of film.

• 8.80 lbs/in

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