Norcryl Solid Acrylic Bonding Tape (Discontinued)

Model # A1040

***Discontinued by Saint-Gobain*** A1040 is a 40 mil solid acrylic core that provides a very high bond that can reduce or replace conventional fasteners, rivets, liquid adhesives and welds. The Norcryl solid acrylic core has outstanding internal strength. Norcryl structural grade bonding power can save time, increase productivity, reduce costs and improve overall product appearance. Norcryl is resistant to Ultraviolet radiation, high humidity and climate extremes. A 3-year aging study showed that its adhesion strength actually increases with time. Norcryl maintains a strong bond in high temperatures. Over time Norcryl will not harden or become brittle. Norcryl A-1000 series is water clear and virtually invisible after installation. Conventional attachment methods cause localized distortions and stresses as the temperature fluctuates. An example of this includes dimples found on riveted trailer side skins. Norcryl tapes minimize these stress points by distributing stresses evenly across the entire tape contact area and compensating for thermal expansion. This provides a uniform appearance and improves fatigue resistance. Norcryl also acts as a joint seal, reduces noise, dampens vibrations and prevents galvanic corrosion when bonding dissimilar metals.

• 120.00 lbs/in

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