Optically Clear Laminating Adhesive (Discontinued)

Model # 8141

A 1.0 mil. optically clear tape featuring 2000MP acrylic adhesive primarily used for bonding smooth transparent substrates. This product also consists of two film liners for optimum adhesive smoothness and differential release for ease of processing and protection from contamination. 8141 tape is free of birefringence with no film carrier and is wound on plastic cores and wrapped in plastic to eliminate paper fiber contamination. Tape is inspected to reduce the occurrence of bubbles, dirt, gels and other optical distortions. Adhesive withstands environmental, (temperature), tests under conditions specified, (see features), without any deterioration in visible appearance, physical integrity or optical performance. Over the entire test duration, there were no changes in transmission over the visible spectrum. See 3M data sheet for Reflective-Corrected Total Luminous Transmittance vs. Wavelength charts and also Processing Description.

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