Outdoor Transparent Cloth Tape

Model # 4665

tesa 4665 is a special outdoor transparent cloth tape. It consists of a 95 µm UV treated polyethylene and a 30 mesh woven PET/cotton fabric backing coated with a synthetic rubber adhesive. tesa 4665 is a special cloth tape used for different applications where long term, outdoor stability and transparency are needed. It’s applications: are: repairing of greenhouses, slicing of foils, holding, patching of hosepipes, heavy duty packaging of outdoor exposed goods, sealing. It features:at least 1 year outdoor resistant after application (based on accelerated weathering conditions simulation), transparent backing for (almost/nearly) invisible repairs, fast and easy applicable, hand tearable, conformable to complex shapes and uneven surfaces, no unpleasant smell, no sticky sides

• 10.10 lbs/in

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