PTFE Skived Film Tape

Model # 5481

3M5481 is a 6.8 mil. skived PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) film backing with a silicone adhesive used for many wrapping applications and sealing and masking applications. Skived film tapes demonstrate good conformability when wrapping rollers. This tape provides excellent chemical resistance except to organic solvents. The silicone adhesive will be attacked by commercial organic solvents and 5480 and 5481 tapes are not recommended for applications requiring organic resistance. To help prevent wrinkling or bubbling of the backing on PTFE film tapes when they are subjected to temperatures above250°F, pre-heat the surface to at least 150°F (preferred 180°F) to obtain best results. CAUTION: when PTFE film tape is exposed to temperatures above 400°F small qauntities of hazardous vapors may be released. Inhalation of these vapors may be harmful or may cause respiratory tract irritation. Do not heat or expose PTFE film tape to temperatures above 400°F. To obtain best performance, use this product within 12 months from date of manufacture and store under normal conditions of 60°F to 80°F and 40 to 60% relative humidity in the original carton.

• 49.00 lbs/in

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