Safety Walk™ Conformable Anti-Slip Tape

Model # 530 Safety

Safety Walkâ„¢ 530 is a yellow 36 mil, high-friction, slip-resistant material that has a special pressure-sensitive adhesive backed aluminum film that conforms around corners and adheres to irregular surfaces. It is designed specifically for irregular surfaces such as diamond plating or flat surfaces with rivets or screw heads. Safety yellow color for high visibility and easy identification of hazard areas. 3M Safety Walkâ„¢ slip-resistant tapes and treads adhere to clean, dry surfaces without wrinkling, curling, tearing, shrinking, or lifting. They offer proven durability for a long life. The pressure sensitive adhesive backing makes it easy to apply tapes without the use of anchoring. Safety Walkâ„¢ products meet or exceed the standards and recommended guidelines for slip resistance in accordance with ASTM requirements. Safety Walkâ„¢ products are available in standard rolls and pre-cut treads, or can be custom converted into specialty sizes and shapes.

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