UHMW Polyethylene Tape

Model # 5425

3M5425 is a 4.5 mil. ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene film coated with a special acrylic adhesive that is resistant to many solvents. The acrylic adhesive is a firm solvent and oil resistant adhesive which bonds best to high surface energy materials. UHMW polyethylene is a thermoplastic that has a unique combination of properties which make tape ideal for many tough impact wear or sliding applications. Within its operational temperature range, UHMW polyethylene tape can provide the following advantages: (A) Outstanding abrasion resistance will outwear many types of PTFE and other materials in sliding applications. (B) Low coefficient of friction exceeded only by the PTFE’s. (C) Self-lubricating can often be used where lubrication is not possible because of contamination (D) Sound damping high energy absorption capacity helps reduce noise levels in machinery and equipment. To obtain best tape performance, use within 12 months from date of manufacture and store under normal conditions of 60°F to 80°F and 40% to 60% relative humidity in the original carton.

• 45.00 lbs/in

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