Vinyl Tape

Model # 471

A 5.2-5.4 mil. clear vinyl plastic film tape with a rubber adhesive used for many color coding, abrasion protection, decoration, sealing, patching, splicing, wrapping and general purpose applications and also is excellent for many lane marking applications. Pigmented backing maintains vivid colors, even when exposed to heavy abrasion. Conformability and dead stretch properties of this tape are ideal for taping, wrapping or sealing many curved or irregular surfaces. While 471 tape resists many common solvents, tape should not be exposed to ketones, chlorinated hydrocarbons and esters found in lacquer thinners, degreasers, paint strippers, etc., which may cause the backing to swell or curl. 471 is available in ten other colors. However, the properties of the colored tapes do change.

• 16.00 lbs/in

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