Carolina Tape 300 Series

Product categories

300 – General purpose mounting and splicing –

General purpose mounting and splicing – Double-coated; white flat paper tape; aggressive, rubber-based adhesive; siliconized, wrinkle resistant release liner. For general purpose mounting, holding, splicing, tabbing and fastening of a variety of substrates. Meets Spec: A-A-180B.

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304 – High speed flying splice –

High speed flying splice – Stabilized, acrylic transfer film; Kraft release liner. Specifically designed to meet the demanding end use requirement of high speed flying splice; mounting of nameplates, splicing, framing and matting.

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305 – Adhesion and long term aging –

Adhesion and long term aging – High performance; acrylic transfer film; Kraft release liner. Specifically designed to provide excellent adhesion and long term aging on a wide variety of surfaces; laminating to foam for gasketing and sound attenuation; application of decorative parts and mounting of rubber extrusions.

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306 – Mounting, splicing and laminating –

Mounting, splicing and laminating – .5 mil double-coated polyester backing; ultra high tack, moderate shear, rubber adhesive. For bonding to polyurethane, polyethylene foams and various other grades of felts, sponges and cork; mounting, splicing, laminating and holding applications.

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307 – Indoor/outdoor sign –

Indoor/outdoor sign – .5 mil double-coated polyester backing; acrylic adhesive. Excellent for use in indoor/outdoor signs and posters; splicing of paper, plastic materials and foam, laminating and graphic arts applications.

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308 – Splicing of corrugated –

Splicing of corrugated – Double-coated splicing tape; non-woven tissue backing; acrylic adhesive. Splicing of paper and cardboard for the corrugated industry. Excellent resistance to light and aging.

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310 – Carpet hold down –

Carpet hold down – Double-coated polyethylene film; permanent adhesive; thin profile allows conformability and permanency. General purpose double-coated applications; excellent carpet hold down.

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315 – Splicing, holding, mounting and laminating –

Splicing, holding, mounting and laminating – Double-coated .75 mil biaxially-oriented polypropylene film; permanent adhesive system. Excellent for high strength core start-up, web splicing and holding; used in a wide variety of splicing, holding, mounting, laminating and attaching decorative trim.

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316 – Mounting and splicing –

Mounting and splicing – Double-coated flatback paper; easy release crepe liner. Used for mounting of rubber printing plates and splicing; bonds to almost any surface; installation of golf club grips. Meets Spec: UU-T-91D, Type II.

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318 – High tack, high shear and tensile strength –

High tack, high shear and tensile strength – Double-coated saturated flatback rope paper; high shear, high tack permanent adhesive system. Used in the printing and corrugated industries for splicing operations; high tack, high shear and tensile strength for permanent and semi-removable applications.

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321 – Parts machining –

Parts machining – Double-coated 3.5 mil crepe paper; synthetic-based adhesive. For use in parts machining, where removal of tape is essential; core start-up.

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326 – Bonds to rough and porous surfaces –

Bonds to rough and porous surfaces – Double-coated UPVC film, high coat weight carrier; high performance, acrylic adhesive. Bonds to rough or porous surfaces; joins extruded plastic and metal components; bonds EPDM rubbers and urethane foams.

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328 – High performance mounting –

High performance mounting – Double-coated vinyl; soft PVC, black plate mount; high performance rubber adhesive. Primarily developed for high performance mounting of photopolymer and rubber plates in Flexographic printing; high adhesion and good shear resistance for high speed and extended print runs.

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333 – Bonding plastics –

Bonding plastics – Double-coated .5 mil polyester film; acrylic adhesive. For bonding of plastic materials for signs and posters, nameplates and general purpose bonding; low outgassing product.

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335 – Easy to identify splices –

Easy to identify splices – Double-coated 1 mil biaxally-oriented polypropylene film; aggressive, red-colored adhesive. Designed for easy to identify splicing in paper, films and a variety of substrates; developed for continuous web where a visual splice is critical.

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