205Flat Back Paper Tapes 200 Series

205205Flat Back Paper Tapes 200 SeriesEconomy grade, printableEconomy grade; printable, flatback paper backing; moderate tack, rubber-based adhesive (red/orange fluorescent). General purpose packaging, bundling, holding, binding, splicing, color coding and decorating; excellent tape for flexographic processing or hand marking.Carolina TapeRubber based, moderate tack (red/orange fluorescent)

206Flat Back Paper Tapes 200 Series

206206Flat Back Paper Tapes 200 SeriesHigh grade, printable, translucentHigh grade; printable, flat paper protective tape; translucent, high tensile backing viewing metal grains and layout; smooth latex adhesive system. For protection of polished metal while forming, deep drawing, die-cutting, shearing and storage; protects highly polished surfaces such as stainless steel, brass, glass and formica. Meets Spec: MIL-T-38727A.Carolina TapeLatex