F9473PCDouble Coated & Transfer Tapes

3M F9473PCF9473PCDouble Coated & Transfer TapesVHB™ Adhesive Transfer TapeF9473C is a 10 mil, firm acrylic adhesive transfer tape. It features very high shear holding power and the bond strength increases substantially with natural aging. These VHB™ transfer tapes are transparent and are ideal for use in many interior and extrerior industrial applications to replace rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives, and other permanent fasteners.3MAcrylic

9495MPDouble Coated & Transfer Tapes

3M 9495MP9495MPDouble Coated & Transfer TapesDouble Coated Tape with 200MP AdhesiveA 5.6 mil. tape with a polyester backing and 200MP acrylic adhesive coated on both sides used for graphic overlays and attaching LED lenses. The carrier provides improved handling with ease of slitting and die-cutting. 200MP hi-performance adhesive provides exceptional temperature and chemical resistance, while withstanding tough application environments. However, this product is not recommended for low energy plastics, such as polypropylene and polyethylene. Available with a 2 mil clear polyester liner as 9495MPF.3MAcrylic

9498Double Coated & Transfer Tapes

3M 94989498Double Coated & Transfer TapesSplicing TapeA 2.0 mil. adhesive transfer splicing tape with A-40 acrylic adhesive primarily used for splicing applications. A-40 is a medium-firm, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive system. It features an excellent balance of good initial adhesion (quick stick) and good shear holding power.3MAcrylic

9500PCDouble Coated & Transfer Tapes

3M 9500PC9500PCDouble Coated & Transfer TapesHigh Performance Double Coated Tape3M9500PC is ideal for joining a wide variety of similar and dissimilar materials where high bond strength, high shear strength, high temperature performance and good UV resistance are required. The 3M™ Adhesive 350 is a medium-firm acrylic adhesive that provides a combination of high wet grab and initial adhesion and good shear holding power to a wide variety of materials, including many plastics.3MAcrylic

950EKDouble Coated & Transfer Tapes

3M 950EK950EKDouble Coated & Transfer TapesHigh Tack Adhesive Transfer TapeA 5.0 mil. tape that features 300 acrylic adhesive without a carrier, used for splicing, laminating and general purpose applications. 300 adhesive is a medium-firm acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive system. If features very high initial adhesion and good shear holding power to a wide variety of materials, including many plastics. 950EK tape is not recommended for direct exposure to sunlight or other sources of ultra violet (UV) light, however, edge exposure is generally satisfactory. This tape has relatively good resistance to moderate amounts of plasticizers. Applications may be subjectively evaluated by the user testing the tape in contact with the materials at conditions of 150°F for a period of 5 – 7 days. See 3M data sheet for Suggested Application Equipment.3MAcrylic

9598BFDouble Coated & Transfer Tapes

3M 9598BF9598BFDouble Coated & Transfer TapesDouble Coated Tape with 200MP AdhesiveA 7.5 mil. double coated tape featureing a polyester film backing and 200MP acrylic adhesive used for graphic overlays and decorative trim. The carrier provides easier handling during slitting and die-cutting, along with exceptional temperature and chemical resistance. 9598BF has a black polyester film to provide opacity or visibility. 200MP adhesive is not recommended for low energy plastics, such as polypropylene and polyethylene. 9598BF has film liners for ease in rotary die-cutting and applications that demand low particle generating parts. To apply strips of adhesive- 3M Dispenser Selecton (for example): Manual Dispensers: C25, H10, H128, M712, M742, M744, P52 and P56/ Definite Length Dispensers: M82, M87, M96, M910 and M920/ Semiautomatic Dispensers: S625 w/ attachment, T646 and T653.3MAcrylic

9629PCDouble Coated & Transfer Tapes

3M 9629PC9629PCDouble Coated & Transfer TapesDouble Coated Tape9629PC is a 4.0 mil double coated tapes that provides high bond strength to most surfaces, including many low surface energy plastics such as polypropylene and powder coated paints. It is also available as 9629FL with a clear polyester liner.3MAcrylic

9653LEDouble Coated & Transfer Tapes

3M 9653LE9653LEDouble Coated & Transfer TapesAdhesive Transfer TapeA 3.5 mil. tape that features hi-strength 300LSE acrylic adhesive primarily used for bonding, graphics and graphic overlays. This tape consists of a polycoated kraft liner for lay flat qualities, moisture stability and excellent processing of plastic graphic overlays. This pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive is one of nine tapes that belongs to an adhesive family and is available in several thicknesses. The thicknesses offer a wide variety of surface bonding and provides a variety of liner configurations to help ensure process flexibility. 9653LE has excellent adhesion to surface contaminated lightly with oil typically used with machine parts. This tape also offers excellent bond to low surface energy plastics, such as polypropylene and powder coatings.3MAcrylic