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Saint Gobain

Tesa Tape

Avery Dennison




Main Tape


Specialty Tapes & Misc. Products

All sizes, colors and prints in Non-Asphaltic or Asphaltic, Reinforced (various strengths / strand…


Double Coated & Transfer Tapes

All sizes of Papers, Tissues, Adhesive Transfers, Mylar(PET) , PVC, Polypropylene and Foams. Used…


Duct Tapes

All sizes, colors and types, General Purpose Cloth Duct, Utility, Mil Spec, Contractor and…


Film, Foil & Electrical Tapes

All sizes, Polypropylene, PE, UPVC, PVC, PU and Polyester Tapes in various sizes, strengths,…


Foam Tapes & Gaskets

All sizes, Reflective (solids and stripes), Conspicuity (DOT-C2), Anti-Skid (abrasive or poly), “Glow” (phosphorescent…


High Tech Tapes

All sizes, PTFE (coated cloth, skived, Hi-Modulas, virgin), Silicone Splicing, U.L. Approved Electrical Specialties,…


Masking & Surface Protection

All sizes, General Purpose, Textile, Economy Lite-Duty grade, Utility grade, Quality Paint Masking, Printable…

Packaging Tapes

All sizes, General Purpose, Packaging Tapes, Textile, Economy Lite-Duty grade, Utility grade, Quality Paint…