Printed and Unprinted Antistatic Utility Tape3M 40Foam Tapes & Gaskets40

A 2.2 mil. anti-static utility tape consisting of transparent polyester film backing and acrylic adhesive primarily used for office and clean room applications. 40 tape represents a breakthrough in PSA tape technology. This new tape, generates less than 50volts on unwind and removal from stainless steel and helps prevent ESD damage to sensitive electronic components in manufacturing environments. This anti-static utility tape can be used at static-safeguard workstations as part of the total static control program. It generates very low levels of static charge, even in dry conditions of 10%R.H. 40 tape is printed on the adhesive side with the 3M logo and the ESD protective symbol.3M40Printed and Unprinted Antistatic Utility Tape

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