tesa tape inc 73197319Discontinued***Discontinued*** Platemounting for BASF Nyloflex***Discontinued by tesa *** 7319 is a 10 mil, double coated polypropylene film specifically designed for mounting MA III and ME plates from BASF. The specially designed adhesive and good shear resistance ensures a secure bond particularly to MA III and ME plates, without edge lifting or plate movement even at high machine speeds and on extended print runs. Tape and plate are easily repositioned during mounting as the full adhesive strength of the tape only becomes effective during the print run. The structured liner prevents the formation of air bubbles when mounting plates and they can be easily demounted and the tape removed from the cylinder without leaving any residue.tesa tape incRubber


tesa tape inc 73867386Discontinued***Discontinued*** High Temp Fine Line Masking**tesa has changed the part number for this item over to 4244 PV0** 7386 is a 4.3 mil, high temperature, fine line masking tape. Its conformability to multi-dimensional surfaces, whether primed or painted, results from a very thin carrier and good elongation. 7386 withstands high multiple heat cycles without leaving residue. It can be removed warm or cool. Its silicone-free release system leaves no paint flakes.tesa tape incRubber


tesa tape inc 62316231Discontinued***Discontinued***Numbered A/V Splicing Tape***Discontinued*** 6231 is a 1.5 mil, polyester splicing tape used to splice audio & video cassette tapes. 6231 is made from high grade polyester film combined with a specially formulated acrylic adhesive. The high shear strength and low overall thickness are ideal for splicing leads and ends to video tape. The tape’s adhesive system is highly age and light resistant. 6231 is printed with black numbers on a white polyester backing. This tape improves quality control by quickly identifying faulty loaders.tesa tape incAcrylic